you never know

Psychopath verses Sociopath<---We had to discuss what a sociopath was during my English class...we were to write/draw what first came to mind when the word "sociopath" was uttered. I wrote SHERLOCK in big letters.

So I;m guessing that's how he survived???I can NOT wait to watch the movie,though I'm kinda scared...He had better not die.But he will.

Sherlock's fb. Very, very true.


It's funny because he doesn't even have a first name in the books! It's just G. Lestrade. That's why the writers have Sherlock change it all the time. THAT my friends, is good writing!

It's so true.

this will never not be funny to me...Sherlock fandom has gone literally insane from the waiting...

Cumbersmaug........I can't wait to hear his voice as Smaug in The Hobbit!!!! Like a jaguar inside a cello indeed!


so true

... :3

The Revenge of the sherlock Fandom THIS IS GOING TO BECOME A THING!!! Repin

I'm VERY okay with this... But come on, it's probably going to take 15 years for season four to start... <-- Yes, totally agree!

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An army doctor, a consulting detective, and a consulting criminal walk into a pool. No one knows what happens for a year and a half. Moffat jokes. XD

High functioning sociopath, with your number :D

Sherlock - Bored