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    oh, my! Look at the lightning at the bottom!

    Nebraska Mammatus | Copyright: © Mike Hollingshead | Caption: Intense mammatus form over eastern Nebraska August 21, 2007 behind a line of storms.

    Strange and unusual cloud formations - Mammatus clouds have been seen in many places, especially tornado-prone ones like the Midwestern United States. They are frequently found on the bottom of thunderstorm anvils and indicate large water droplets and heavy rain.

    Supercell, Meno, Oklahoma

    I chose this picture because it really interested me and I've never seen the before. This is a good picture because it has an interesting subject

    Had many days like God never gets boring. I love His creation. This is fabulous.

    "Well tell me, where's your precious mermaid now?" He said, hatred dripping from his voice. A shadow appeared behind him, just out of sight, but dark with glimmering feet... "I'm right here."

    want more photos from around the world? Follow Clara ♥ ballet's board 'Amazing places.'

    I remember my Dad teaching me about the different types of clouds...this kind was always fascinating!