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Avoid people who: 1. Mess with your head. 2. Intentionally and repeatedly do and say things that they know upset you. 3. Expect you to prioritize them but refuse to prioritize you. 4. Can't and won't apologise sincerely. 5. Act like the victim when confronted with their abusive behaviour.

Uhh I dunno what this means but it says "Josh Dun" in it so...

Well you know how the post says something good will happend to you between 12 am to 4 pm well look at the time come on good luck come on my wish come true come on im waiting hello ok nothing happened so far wow such a lie why do i even bother with these things don't waist your time on posting these things there stupid and they never work ive done a million of them and well my crush never asked me out i never got my car never got the billions of dollars so its not worth all the time go out…

Trump supporter: "I want Trump to win so we can do whatever we want to women." - ̗̀ @squishymonster1 ̖́-

"That struggle when your charger is broken so you have to hold it at a certain angle otherwise your phone won't charge. "