-Types of Chemical reactions


physical change and chemical change...couldn't find this on the blog, but the picture is all you need...this is a great anchor chart!

Chemical and Physical Changes Explained. Great site and explanations. (Middle School

Life cycle of a Frog! Excellent video with cute music, illustrations, photos, and videos and frog sounds.

Water Cycle Movie Has a quiz at the end of the video. Simple and easy to understand for early primary.

▶ Tour the States - Official Music Video - YouTube

Fun science - transform dirty pennies into shiny ones with a simple chemical reaction!

Dogs Teaching Chemistry - Chemical Bonds Your students will LOVE you for showing them this!

Carbon Cycle video for kids

Balancing chemical equations with Skittles. For my visual and kinesthetic learners.

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Chemical changes vs. Physical changes video for parents and students. The video shows different examples of physical and chemical changes. The video gives an explanation to each example of physical and chemical changes.

3 types of rock- a science song - YouTube - 2-minute video of the types of rock put to song

The NEW Periodic Table Song (In Order) - YouTube

This guy is amazing!!! He does such great things to show kids simple science. Andrew is loving it!

physical and chemical changes - cute video

Begin with this one: description of US The United States - Location, Size and Regions

Nicely produced State videos to briefly tell students about the states. By Socratic Studio Only have 18 videos posted. Visit the 50 States - YouTube | Cycle 3

Geology Kitchen: The 3 Types of Rocks