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Shit Sculpture

Sculpture Called

Sculpture Public Art

Inflation Exhibition

Inflatable Structures

Mobile Mplus

Arts Scene

Inflatable Sculpture

Inflatable Poo

Everything's better when it sits on a Ritz.

Art Metal

Metal Misc

Metal Work

Metal Craft

Sculpture Creations

Creations Studio

Headdress Sculpture

Native Headdress

Indian Headdress Decor

"Middle River" Native Headdress Sculpture // Creations Studio

Zebra Rug Living Room

Eclectic Living Room Decor

Eclectic Decorating

Colorful Living Rooms

Eclectic Interiors

Living Room Designs

Living Room Turquoise Wall

Bright Yellow Walls Living Room

Industrial Eclectic Decor

eclectic living room, fascinatingly over the top!

Sapporo Festival

Festival Japan

Snow Festival

Festival Bored

Festival 2015

Starwars Iceage

Sculpture Sapporo

Starwars Sculpture

Create Massive

Japanese Army Uses 3,500 Tons Of Snow To Create Massive Star Wars Sculpture For Snow Festival

Pony Origami

Art Origami

Geometric Origami

Origami Ideas

Butler S Womenswear

2012 Womenswear

Origami Fred

Butler 2012

Design Fred

If It's Hip, It's Here: My Little Pony + Origami = Fred Butler's Womenswear for Autumn Winter 2012.

Carved Nickels

Carved Coin

Carved Skull

Hand Carved

Nickel Carving

Skull Coins

Coin Skull

Cool Stuff

Random Stuff

Hobo nickels: although the history of carving miniature bas relief sculptures into coins stretches back to the 18th century if not earlier, ...

Taxidermy Sculpture

Taxidermy Animal

Taxidermy Dream

Weird Taxidermy

Sculpture Object

2011 Taxidermy

Installation Art Sculptures

Installation Piece

Rogue Taxidermy

David Shrigley

Berg Orange

Pin Orange

Berg Sculpture

Art Sculptures

Berg Popsicles

Berg Ice

Timothy Berg

Berg Rebekah

Rebekah Myers

Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers - Creamsicles

Pettyfer Hottest

Alex Pettyfer ️

Alex Pettyfer Shirtless

Pettyfer Poses

Pettyfer Naked

Pettyfer Black

Shirtless Alex

Hawt Boys

Boys Guys

alex pettyfer-My Christian Grey

Skull Thuggery

Skull Skeleton Art

Skulls And Bones

Skulls Skeletons

Skull Envy

Wax Anatomy

Bones Anatomy

Morbid Anatomy

Human Anatomy

Ercole Lelli's anatomical waxworks, Palazzo Poggi by sdhaddow, via Flickr

Placesettings Tablescapes

Decor China Tablescapes

Table Settings Tablescapes

Tablescapes Entertaining


Beautiful Tablescapes

Tablescape Arrangements

Green Tablescape

Gracious Entertaining

Designer Hutton Wilkinson, Tony Duquette Inc, has set the table for Dinner on the upper terrace at "Dawnridge", using a cloth made from Tony Duquette "Gemstone" for Jim Thompson in "Malachite Green", as featured in Veranda Magazine.

Bowery Avant Garde

Leigh Bowery Avant

Session Iv

Bowery Session

Rolle Livejournal

Bowery Style

Bowery Styling

1991 Web

Photographer Fergus

Leigh Bowery - By Fergus Greer, 1991

Geek Nativefrom Geek Native

Stunning Lego Pegasus actually moves

Lego 17

Lego It S

Lego Diy

Lego Build

Lego Crazy

Lego Love

Lego Fun

Lego Stuff

Stunning Lego

Stunning Lego Pegasus actually moves. My students would so love this!

Disney Sandcastles

Sandcastles Google

Amazing Sandcastles


Not Namatata

King Sand

The Lion King

Sandcastles Sandart

Sand Arts

lion king - @Brittani Knight oh my, Brit - maybe you can do this the next time we go to the beach!

Nordstromfrom Nordstrom

Women's John Hardy 'Legends' Coil Ring

Jewelry Jewels

Jewelry Handbags

Jewelry Jewelry Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

Animal Jewellery

Legends Coil

Hardy Legends

Naga Coil

Men S Rings

John Hardy 'Naga' Coil Ring available at Nordstrom

Hand Statue

Statue Of

Art Terrible Women

Chalon Ligier

Richier Photo

Art Disection

Chalon Prince

Copyright Photo

Photo Fred

Statue of the tomb of René de Chalon by Ligier Richier, 1550

Anatsui'S Monumental

Monumental Installation

Installation Art

Klimt Inspiration

Geometric Inspiration

Creation Inspiration

El Anatsui Art

Anatsui Artist

Kelly Stock

El Anatsui's monumental installation art is beyond breathtaking - check out more pics on my blog! Photo ©Kelly Stock.

Afro Music

Music Dance

Music Love

Afro Vinyl

Les Vinyls

Dj Artwork

Afro Art

Musical Art

Disco Musical

wow. I can soo do this. I have tons of records on my walls, and this girl with bring my inner fro out!

My Modern Metfrom My Modern Met

Dynamic Glass Sculptures of Water, Wind and Fire by Rick Eggert

Creations Glassware

Glass Creations

Glass Arts

Art Glass

It S Glass

Glass Rick

Desire Rick

Basic Earth

Glass Eggert

Dynamic glass sculptures by Rick Eggert capture some of the basic Earth elements - wind, water, and fire.

Embroidery Fodder

Hand Embroidery

Xlet Doilies

Motif Teeth

Siobhán Barbour

Brilliant Embroidery

Art Øther

Original Needlework

Art Sculptural

by Siobhán Barbour