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My Favorite Forever <3

Merfen in their swimming form. These people of Epirica can shape shift from this form to a terrestrial form. In the terrestrial form the tail divides and becomes the legs and feet. Male and female wear kilts to facilitate this shift from water to land.

Air rings.~<3~

Air rings.~<3~

Scarlet Tanager-in the 8th grade my science teacher had a thing about birds and made us learn a lot of them. This was my favorite of those.

☀ amazing capture <3

Pyrrhuloxia (male) - unique and gorgeous cardinal on a cactus perch in Sabino Canyon Park, Tucson, Arizona.

☀Kissing Cardinals by monicagrant1 on Flickr* ( I would imagine this is actually an male adult feeding a larger female fledgling)