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I own most of this curriculum and have taught it to schools, community parents, county case management parents of child protection, children's mental health, foster care providers , daycare providers, and churches! This style of parenting will change your relationships forever!

Love and Logic Parenting. Love and Logic focuses on teaching kids the skills to become responsible, prepared people.

Build Your Child's Self-Concept - or tear it down. A practical parenting handout from Love and Logic. #parenting #kids #tips

I Can Teach My Child!from I Can Teach My Child!

Book Picks of the Week

Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood

Which Type Are You? Love and Logic's Three Types of Parents -- I have always LOVED the "Love and Logic" approach and tried to use it at school, but I need a lot more practice at it. A LOT more practice.

How to guide your #children to solve their own problems #parenting #tips from Love and Logic #kids #parents

#Parenting handout on how to use Enforceable Statements with your #kids - from Love and Logic

Not Consumedfrom Not Consumed

Creative Consequences for Kids

LOVE THESE! Natural and logical consequences - a few of these are just too smart to forget.

Obedience: Why Do You Have To Tell Them Five Times? (Love & Logic style techniques) Excellent suggestions and explanations for teaching self-control instead of obedience and why nagging doesn't work

Handout on using the Energy Drain Consequences tool from #Parenting with Love and Logic