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Now smartphones can check for oral cancer with a mobile app? What CAN'T they do?

from Inhabitat

SpareOne Emergency Phone Squeezes 15 Years of Battery Life and 10 Hours of Talk Time From a Single AA

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Tired But Wired? 3 Foods To Eat + 3 To Avoid To Heal Your Adrenals

Dr. Sara Gottfried is a Harvard-trained MD, best-selling author, and leading expert on hormones. Here's what she recommends eating to heal from adrenal dysregulation.

from Mail Online

Solar-powered screens mean phones never run out of battery

The gadget that makes sure your phone is ALWAYS charged: Light-powered screen could mean mobiles never run out of battery | Wysips technology converts artificial and sunlight energy into electricity | It can be fitted to the screens of phones, tablets and watches | Prototype converts 10 minutes of light energy into four minutes of battery | The technology could be used in phones as early as 2014

This is way more stylish than the tomato red prescription inhaler I carry around. Never thought about it before, but if I customize my phone, why haven't I customized my Inhaler.