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    • Laury Pelletier

      this is why I don't eat pork. look at that cute face

    • Lisa Holley

      Eat no meat! Or if you can't do that, east less meat.

    • Jeslyn Rose

      Awh. :(peta. Vegan or not, surely you can appreciate animals, what they do for you and realize they need to be treated with respect.

    • Tonya

      Wth?!!! What about the beating hearts of all the unborn babies killed in abortion clinics!! Just sayn'

    • Deena Kamm

      PETA - every section of this website is yet another reason... Curb your ego or eat/torture/abuse/disrespect YOUR kid! Animals are alive and matter.

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    PETA is a little extreme for me, but I agree wholeheartedly with this one.

    I am not the crazy super vegetarian freak, but just think about it.... and about the way animals are being killed.

    PETA- (Love and Hip Hop ATL comment- THIS is why Rasheeda SHOULD have gone w/ Waka Flocka's mom as a manager. she got this thugette a Peta ad!? I'm not even mad)

    Peta, you're a little extreme sometimes. But I appreciate your campaign ads.

    I recently became a vegetarian & I can't believe how easy it has been & how i feel so much better!!

    Olivia Munn Bares All to Expose Fur Farms. Friends of animals Please Sign the Petition and pass it on by sharing with others, Thank you.

    Everybody loves baby animals ❤•❦•:*´`*:•❦•❤ but when we grow up, you don't love us anymore, you eat us. Our food animals don't have to be our food animals.

    Animals Feel ~ Animals Love ~ Animals Experience ~ Animals Want To Live. "Our obligations to non-human animals are not a matter of charity or mercy; they are a matter of fundamental justice." - Gary L. Francione ● Go Vegan. Educate Others ● ADOPT/Foster