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Red Stapler T-Shirt

Anyone who has seen "Office Space" saw the psychological lashing Milton received at Initech. When Milton got messed with one too many times, i.e. got moved down to Storage B, got the shaft regarding distribution of birthday cake, when the "glitch" was fixed, and when Lu

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it will never be just a stapler since Office Space-- favorite movie at The Stones

if you happen to be jumping -- good to think of all the different places you can jump to ;)

Office's not okay because if they take my stapler then I'll set the building on fire

case of the mondays meme | it looks like someone s got a case of the mondays yep that s me today ...

the World Cryptozoological Foundation (WCF) mission: to educate the public and advocate on behalf of megafauna whose existence has not yet been proven. (As a HUGE cryptid fad, I approve of this shirt! ~ K)

I used to have a heart... until I took an arrow in the knee ;)

The people of the world are caught up in mass Office confusion.

Had never thought about Firefly being Steampunk until someone pointed it out to me. They were a group out of their time. Space Steampunk. Ok, I am going on record to coin this new genre -- Space Steampunk.

Red on being "fierce": | The 25 Greatest Lines From "Orange Is The New Black" Season 2

Shrute Farms. Dwight is my fave!!!

hahahahaha muy divertido