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Happy Birthday, Britney Bitchspear, Britney Minnie, Minnie Mouse, Sweets Britney, Britneybitch, Britney Jeans, Queens Brit, Britney Spears

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Britney Spears - when she really was that innocent!-Shut up haters. She had to grow up sometime. Did you really want her to stay virginal? No, you didn't. You just thought you wanted her to.

Britney Spears with a surfboard!!! WHAT A BABE! Lifelong Fan | Surfer Girl | Inspiration | Katharine Kidd

Go Britney Spears Pics - 'Britney' Promo Pictures - Jeans & Cropped Top Pictures

BRITNEY SPEARS _____________________________ Reposted by Dr. Veronica Lee, DNP (Depew/Buffalo, NY, US)

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Britney. Not a fan of her music, but she is a pretty lady and it's good to see a lost person recuperate their lives.

this book caused some controversy, but it was still good; made me think harder on what little ones pick up from their environment

I dont care what they say about Brittney! I grew up with her i was mini her i still love her to this day. I will always be a brittney spears fan.

Rolling Stone December 2008, Britney Spears