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Musical child's vintage jewelry box with rotating ballerina

Musical child's vintage jewelry box with rotating ballerina. I had one of these and my sister did too

Shredded Wheat, 1960's. To this day this is the only cereal my mother will eat (at age 90) can't be the bite sized ones either. Has to be the big biscuits!

cod liver oil, "yuk" i hated that stuff Mom put it into OJ and to this day I hate orange juice.~ha my mom gave it to me by a spoonful ~ blah

Aluminum Christmas Tree, I loved how the color wheel turned the silver tree & the ceiling different colors.

1970s Melted Plastic Popcorn Halloween Wall Decorations *I remember these in the hallways of elementary school as a child in the very early 80s as well as the cardstock holiday decorations* I LOVED THESE!!!!

Etsyfrom Etsy

Vintage 1970s Coffee Cups Solo Cozy Holders 2012146

1970s Solo Coffee Cups...I remember drinking "coffee" out of these with my Aunt was mostly milk & sugar!...:)

I'm sure my kids remember me saying this, just as I remember my parents saying it to me! Swore I'd never say it....duh!