Sweet Baby Chihuahua


is this... no, it can't be... it's a baby chihuahua!!

Little baby Chihuahua

Sweet face

Hi there baby...



Baby chihuahuas!

Baby chihuahua

Chihuahua dog. Personally I can't stand the breed however this one looks like a sweet lil baby.

chihuahua baby

Cute chihuahua

Orphaned baby rabbits are adopted by a male Chihuahua. ---More Chihuahuas at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Triad-Chihuahua-Connection


Cute baby chihuahuas

Baby chihuahua

β™₯Looks like my chihuahua puppies!!!

Maltipoo. Vonnie!!!

Such a sweet face.

hoooowwwww stinking adorable!!!!!! hamster chihuahua} do they come with their own unicorn? What on earth is a fugly hamster chihuahua ? (No way is THAT as cute as MY long haired Chihuahua)