1930s and older mugshots - women

Janet Wright, 16 February 1922 - Convicted of using an instrument to procure a miscarriage. Janet Wright was a former nurse who performed illegal abortions from her house in Kippax Street, Surry Hills. One of her teenage patients almost died after a procedure and Wright was prosecuted and sentenced to 12 months hard labour. Aged 68.

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” Lena Horne, American Singer, Actress, Dancer, And Civil Rights Activist

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Femme Fatales: 35 Vintage Female Mug Shots

Mugshot: back in 1940 it was a crime to be a homosexual.

French Mug shot of François Bertillon, 23 months. Crime: Gluttony, nibbling all the pears from a basket, by Alphonse Bertillon, October 17, 1893.

Dorothy Mort, 18 April 1921 - Convicted of murder. Mrs Dorothy Mort was having an affair with dashing young doctor Claude Tozer. On 21 December 1920 Tozer visited her home with the intention of breaking off the relationship. Mort shot him dead before attempting to commit suicide. Aged 32.

Eugenia Falleni, alias Harry Crawford, 16 August 1928 - Convicted of murder. Eugenia Falleni spent most of her life masquerading as a man. In 1913 Falleni married a widow, Annie Birkett, whom she later murdered. The case whipped the public into a frenzy as they clamoured for details of the ‘man-woman’ murderer. Aged approximately 43.

1923-Convicted of unlawfully using an instrument to procure a miscarriage. Mary Brownlee was a backyard abortionist who was caught during an extensive police investigation. She was sentenced to 12 months light labour, but her male accomplice was acquitted. Aged 64. (Woah......NICE beard.... :0)

Con artist: Clara Randall reported to police that her Bondi flat had been broken into and a quantity of jewellery stolen. It was later discovered she had pawned the jewellery for cash. Randall was sentenced to 18 months with light labour.

Esther Eggers, 16 December 1919 - Crime: malicious injury to property and wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm. When a police officer arrived to arrest Esther Eggers for malicious damage she attacked him, causing serious injury. Eggers was sentenced to 12 months prison. Aged 22.

On the game: Elizabeth Singleton had multiple convictions for soliciting and was described in police records as a common prostitute. She was imprisoned at Long Bay but the details of her sentence have been lost

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Hampton Hirscham, Cornellius Joseph Keevil, William Thomas O’Brien and James O’Brien – July 20, 1921

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Ernest Joseph Coffey – June 2, 1922 New South Wales Police Department

The Making of a Death Mask

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Sharpshooting nuns

Patty Hearst, granddaughter of legendary newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst, was photographed by the San Mateo County Sheriff in September 1975 after her arrest on bank robbery and gun charges. Hearst, kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army in February 1974, was sentenced to seven years in prison. She was released in February 1979 after President Jimmy Carter commuted her sentence.