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    • Janeson Keeley

      "Dana Marie Weaver - A lovely person and a lovely family to get to know" - It truly is a small world.

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    "An uncomfortable truth."

    "On love, compassion, admiration, spanking, and stalking."

    Feelings aren't like parking permits. They don't need to be validated by anybody else.

    Lesson learned: What not to start a sentence with if you don't want to start a fight.

    Lesson learned: How to make new choices. "What would the person I want to be do?"

    Today I’m grateful to two nice people who made today a better day when I most needed it. | Janeson Keeley

    Telling the story instead of just writing about it: Aunt Myrtle, her girdle, and Operation Santa Claus

    My favorite youngest niece is introduced by her trucktruck. Deer, beware!

    At Christmas, it’s easy to donate to charities for children, pets, and the homeless. Catawba Hospital’s Operation Santa Claus program is an opportunity for you to open your heart and give outside the typical stereotype: to elderly psychiatric patients living a state hospital because they have nowhere else to be and no one who can take them in. Visit to learn more.

    INFJ boundary issues? INFJ:BelowTheRadar-AboveTheSystem video provides real help.

    "Scars: A love story" One of the most difficult posts I have ever written.

    "Today I am grateful for the cross I have to bear." Commentarty on "Carrying a Cross" by Paulo Coehlo

    1916 History of the Roanoke Police Department, Roanoke, VIrginia | Janeson Keeley

    Today I am grateful that Carvins Cove is as good for hiking as it is for kayaking. With my beloved spouse and hiking buddy, Buffy Lyon.

    "Today I am grateful for Target." Where else could you get a new TV and a pair of Halloweed eyes after 9 PM on a Friday night?

    Today I am grateful for all the ways I can remind myself to let go.

    Today I am grateful for my weaknesses, for under the proper circumstances, they can also be my greatest strengths.

    Today I am grateful for indoor plumbing. Really, really grateful!

    Today I am grateful for the INFJ: Below the Radar, Above the System Facebook community.

    I need Will Robinson’s robot. Who better to warn me of people I need to walk away from?

    Today I am grateful for pain relief. Traumeel gel is my friend for life!

    My first blog tour post! "Welcome to the next stop on the Blog Tour: What, how, and why I write."

    Today I am grateful for my hands. I use them for lots of things, including talking on the phone and taking photographs. Note the pinkie extended thusly. Photo by Dan Smith.

    "The most common (secret) causes of death by state. What do YOU need to worry about?