Paper Mini-Rockets from Children's Museum of Houston

Science for Kids: Making Straw Rockets ~

Science Fair: Balloon Rocket Experiment

paper hedgehog- scissor practice!

How to Build a Bottle Rocket : Kid's DIY: Flies fast, far and high!

Simple Science Experiment for Kids on Magnetic Force: Laughing Kids Learn

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: How to Make a Hovercraft

I know it says that the experiments are for preschoolers, but I think kids of any age will enjoy them.

make a plane with straws and paper!

Straw rockets (printables)

Simple Science Guide for a Year of Science Experiments for Kids | Love this resource for Kindergarten through primary grades! So many tips and ideas!

baking soda, yeast, water, food coloring Elephant Toothpaste

free printable paper rocket templates to color and make

Such a cool science experiment for kids. Make crystal names in a jar. Gorgeous!!

It's alive! One of the coolest science experiments ever!- cornstarch and water mixture moves to sound so kids can visually experience sound waves.

Tissue Paper Art-lay tissue paper pieces on white paper spray with water-let the colors bleed onto paper-lift off tissue paper

Paper cup rocket launchers...

NAME ROCKET You will need: Black or Dark Blue Paper Bright Coloured Paper including red Scissors Glue Marker Pen Salt or Glitter

Straw Oboe: Create a fun little instrument using a drinking straw and, optionally, a snow-cone cup to help amplify the sound! Great exploration into sound and pitch.

Fun bottle rocket

Love this and kids would too!