Look how cute that looks! I don't think I'll be getting the boys to wear cowboy hats though :( It was hard enough to get them to wear jeans and boots!

Awesome shot, if we were gonna wear cowboy boots!!!

. I can't handle how cute this is

cowboy boots

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Wedding Brand instead of a Unity Candle. Now that's adorable!! :)

Freaking adorable! Omg..

She Believed She Could So She Did

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barn wedding

definitely on my list of wedding themes....either a beach wedding or a western/ cowboy wedding :) this is just adorable!


john deere wedding? :)

O this is so going to be one of my wedding pictures!

blush pink bridesmaids dresses and cowboy boots - image by studio castillero

Find the worst bridesmaid dress you can at a thrift store and play paintball for your bachelorette party. Ha! ADORABLE IDEA!!!!