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1920s garden tea party cloche in mint green cotton buckram


1920s Hat Styles for Women- History Beyond the Cloche Hat

Clothing Vintage Style

Vintage Fashion 1920 S

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1920S 1920S

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1920s Hat Styles for Women Beyond the Cloche Hat

Vintage Cloche Hat

Cloche Hats

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Classic cloche by yellowfield7 on Etsy

1920S Theme

1920S Party

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Art Deco Fashion Dress

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Art Deco Dresses

Period Fashion

Fashion in the 1920's was very outrageous and different to before this time period. Women started to dress bolder by showing more skin and men started to shy away from old styles into a more modern suit.

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mint green! LOVE!

Etsyfrom Etsy

Street Photography, Arial, Birthday Decor, Children's Art, 8x10 Fine Art Photograph

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Wide Brimmed Hat for Summer Garden or Tea Party

Tea Hats

Hats Hats

Cloche Hats

Party Cloche

20'S Hat

Hats Bonnets Fascinators Veils


Vintage Tea Parties

Vintage Tea Party Dresses

Wide Brim 20's Hat Summer Garden Tea Party Cloche Mint by BuyGail, $215.00

Mint Rose

Green Rose

Mint Green Prom

Mint Pretty

Gorgeous Green

Soooo Pretty

Flower Hair

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Flower Art


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A Party Dress One Shoulder Ruffle Dress Tangerine Dress Prom Dress Party Bridesmaid Dress Wedding Dress Anniversary Dress

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vintage mint dress

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coral and mint. so in love with these colors!

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Another view of accordion cloche

Etsyfrom Etsy

1950's Ruffle Prom / Vintage Garden Tea Party Garden Tea Party Dress / - Spruce Stone Green / Ruffles / Tulle / French Net

Fancy Ruffles

Green Ruffles

Ruffles Tulle

Aqua Ruffle

Tulle Box

Ruffle Prom

Ruffle Gown

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Purddy Dresses

1950s Ruffle Prom / Vintage Garden Tea Party Garden Tea Party Dress / - Spruce Stone Green / Ruffles / Tulle / French Net




Mint Headband

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Green Cloche

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Good gads!

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Pink and Dusty Green Bridal Mini Hat, Myrakim of Etsy.

Green Pm

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Summer Wedding Guests

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Mint and golds!

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