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  • Denice Boyer

    Marilyn Monroe♥♥ She is such a style icon

  • Ilze T

    street style - Marilyn Monroe in London, 1956

  • Megan Bocko

    Marilyn Monroe in London in 1956: note the gloves! Sigh...

  • Cláudia Cerqueira

    Marilyn Monroe in London in 1956. The little black dress made immortal.

  • Sandra Veic Sukreski

    1956. London. Buying presents for Miller's kids. "She came trotting forward in a rather tight dress and white high heels, moved around the police officer and said: “Hello, honey, are you waiting to see me?” (in a tone that suggested that was the most unlikely thing in the world). I was conscious of blushing, and stammered nervously: “Miss Monroe, I just wanted to say, ‘Welcome to England’, and to give you these,” and I handed her the wilting roses.

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Marilyn Monroe. One of the many things I like about her is that she looks so relaxed and approachable in so many of here photos. Someone you would really enjoy speaking to.

'marilyn by moonlight' .... Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic! I've never seen it before! So lovely!