Jennifer Aniston- "Once you figure out who you are and what you love about yourself, I think it all kinda falls into place.


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One of the hardest things to do in life, is letting go of what you thought was real. This is indeed one of the hardest things, but life consists of learning to let go.

"If God didn't want us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat." Miranda tells it like it is!

"If God didn't want us to eat animals, He wouldn't have made them out of meat." - Miranda Lambert One of my most favorite country stars.

I love this!!! My husband says this every time I tell him I love him, he says, "I love you more". Jeff, you ROCK!

Love You More

“love you more” inscribed boldly in black calligraphy. Enclosures are sold as singles with corresponding natural little envelopes. Enclosures measure x inches. Printed on natural white cover.

Yep. exept most of the time i know you would rather have them.

I've never been much of the jealous type, but just the mere thought of any one else loving you, holding you, kidding you turns my stomach into knots and my heart breaks.

It drives me insane when people don't realize how the choices they make are hurting them.

its about time. i have spent the past 21 years of my life doing what other people want, specifically the last 3 years. it is about time I DO WHAT I WANT.