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  • Amy Downs

    Dip popsicle sticks with your home's paint colors to make take-along paint swatches so you can shop for textiles, accessories, furniture, etc. Natty by Design: Customizable Paint Deck

  • Patti Mitchell

    Customizable Paint Deck - take your paint samples with you to match your paint colour to your accessories

  • Lisa Tyberendt-Cain

    Customizable Paint Deck Do you ever find yourself shopping for furniture or textiles for your home and wish that you had a your paint colors with you to refer to? I know I do. Here's an quick, portable, $2 project to remedy that. Start by taping off a group of paint stirrer sticks from the hardware store. Grab your different wall colors. I keep a little of each one in labeled mason jars above my microwave. They make for convenient touch up. Paint the bottom portion of the stirrer sticks. Let them dry and remove the tape. An optional step is to cut some of the length off the sticks to make them more portable. Then drill a hole in the ends. Add a metal ring.

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take craft sticks and paint them the color of every wall in you house. carry with you on the so to match furniture, curtains, decor etc.

If you ever build or remodel - use recessed outlets so that the plugs don't stick out from the wall. This allows furniture to be flat against the wall.

Christmas Wreath using jumbo craft sticks - Ok - so I actually made this - if you use the craft sticks that are actually "Jumbo" as the original directions state, you will end up with a snowflake that is 36" across - just FYI - it's huge!!

I've got some UGly bathroom cabinets that are slated for this...sooooon!

This is kind of amazing: Popsicle stick Harmonica ~ simple DIY musical instrument your kids can make

I am so going to do this. It looks like an old wooden bucket turned into a lamp shade, but it's actually wood-stained paint stick mixers hot glued to a lamp shade! I guess you could do the same thing to make a hanging fixture. Wow!

NEWS FLASH: that little curved cut out on a paint stick is to squeeze the paint out of your roller back into the paint can. WHY DID I NOT KNOW THIS????

DIY shelf- cheaper than Target's $20 corner shelves

dipped paint stick pendant shades (anthropologie) - super easy to do with a handful of paint stirrers from your local paint store, an old lamp shade some paint to dip and a hit glue gun

p Most people are using latex paint these days, but oil-based paint does still have its place. I just learned a few things about oil-based paint and I might go that route next time.  Here are the pros and cons /p

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