"So smart!!! The cardboard carton is easy to light with a match and then the charcoal starts too!! Perfect for bringing camping or starting a fire pit for smores! Storage, transporting and ease of starting...Perfect!!"

Adding sage to your campfire or fire pit keeps mosquitoes and bugs away. Good to know for an outdoor fire pit!

Interesting use of a cinder block for a quick grill.

Ladies, I hope none of us ever have to know this survival technique, but just in case here is a tutorial on how to escape zip ties. It is actually pretty easy.

I'd totally go camping more if I had a travel camping hammock

Good to know...How to sew a built in bra top. For low-back styles! Every girl needs this! Perfect for a backless dress

This is what Jenni needs to do with her lights, That way they won't get knocked over. Solar Light using a ceramic pot for an anchor.

Become the S’MORE MASTER. | 25 Clever Tricks To Make Your Summer So Much Better

This is it! Perfect.

Why didn't I think of that?

OMG!! Orajel will stop mosquito bites from itching immediately. -- Must remember this...

How to remove all writing on containers to use for gift giving! So easy!

Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil doubles as a super effective mosquito repellent.

Easy way to hang pictures in cute layout

cornstarch/baking soda clay that dries like porcelain, beautiful white

This is the quickest and best way to start a fire in adverse conditions. Take a small square of foil, a cotton ball coated with Vaseline and fold the cotton/vaseline soaked ball into the foil in a small square. When you need to start a fire, cut an X in the packet, twist out a small amount of cotton into a wick and strike a spark to it with your StrikeForce striker. Lights first time, every time. It will last up to 10-15 minutes depending on how much vaseline you put in the cotton. Make...

15 Genius Camping Tricks

Place a cotton ball in your melted wax and watch it absorb before your eyes, after it's absorbed throw it away. Easy way to switch scents.