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    "So smart!!! The cardboard carton is easy to light with a match and then the charcoal starts too!! Perfect for bringing camping or starting a fire pit for smores! Storage, transporting and ease of starting...Perfect!!"

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    WTF?? Crisco Candle for emergency situations. Simply put a piece of string in a tub of shortening, and it will burn for up to 45 days.

    This is it! Perfect.

    41 camping hacks that are borderline genius.

    Interesting use of a cinder block for a quick grill.

    Carry your seasonings in straws. | 41 Genius Camping Hacks You'll Wish You Thought Of Sooner

    Why didn't I think of that?

    Very smart! Fixing a stripped hole with a golf tee. I would never have known how to do this. Portable Water Filter, Fire Starter, Paracord Carabiner and Bear Whistle (Green Fire Starter)

    Cool idea!! Put silicone muffin liners in your cup holders. Crumbs and stickiness will become a thing of the past (at least as far as your cup holders are concerned)

    Makeshift fire pit - 1 large, 1 med terra cotta pot, fill with river rock and insert a charcoal grill base

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    Soooo trying this wasp/bee trap this summer if we have a problem.

    Easy way to hang pictures in cute layout

    Unique and Inventive Camping Ideas

    Cook cinnabuns (the canned kind) in a hollowed-out orange over a campfire. | 41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

    Are you prepared for a real disaster? Here's a plan. For your survival kit, use a portable container such as a large, covered trash receptacle. If you store your liquids at the bottom of your container, you’ll reduce the chance of damage from leaking plastic bottles. Put food, first aid kit & clothes on top. Easy to grab & go if needed.

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    A watertight cache tube with everything you need for starting a fire. SO SMART FOR TRAVELING MUST DO. carry on

    How to remove all writing on containers to use for gift giving! So easy!