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    • Michelle's FIT fix 911

      iShower, water resistant Bluetooth speaker idea for DD2

    • Allison Hyman

      iShower, Water Resistant Speaker....I will be putting this on my Christmas list!

    • Megan Mooberry

      Water resistant iPod speaker for listening to music in the shower....need!

    • Jennifer Boling

      Electronics I want

    • Hope Jasper

      Bluetooth shower speaker

    • Carrie Creations

      iShower, a water resistant wireless speaker system for your shower. The unit runs on three AA batteries, from which it can squeeze a respectable 15 hours of listening time. It also has a built in clock. It connects to your devices (up to five of them), whether i-prefixed or not, by way of Bluetooth.

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    iShower, water resistant Bluetooth speaker