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So true!! This is funny because the driver actually has no control over what needs a signature and what doesn't. It's the shipper that makes that decision.

The difference between acquaintances and friends hahahaha

I'm lucky if my desks in college are that big. My notebook is literally falling off right now

I re-pin all of your stuff & you re-pin all of mine... Even though we've never met, clearly we are pindred spirits.

for our kitchen? lol just another diy project to add to all the others we've still yet to start on haha

If people could hear the five seconds after we hit end call, we would all have no friends.

Petting a dog vs. petting a cat… #humor #funny #lol

I just took a long, hot, uninterrupted shower. Then I remembered I am a mom and ran to see what was on fire.

so true, I see people do this all the time in Seattle, not me though, I wear sweaters as long as I possibly can

Sorry I accidentally posted that terrible picture of you on facebook that I looked really hot in. | Apology Ecard |