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Lovers Eye, A lady's blue eye painted in miniature on ivory, in a gold a eye-shaped setting, early 19th century. "Portrait miniatures mounted as brooches were very popular items of jewelry during the 18th century. Toward the end of the century, an unusual variation became fashionable: the eye miniature, or lover's eye. These were miniature portraits of the eye of a loved one. There is a great deal of controversy and confusion over how this fashion trend began ..."

Kim Eric Lilot Brooch: Stanislovski Tears Sterling silver, glass eye, fresh-water pearl, eye-lashes

Eye miniatures or Lovers' eyes were Georgian mimiatures, normally watercolour on ivory, depicting the eye or eyes of a spouse, loved one or child. These were usually commissioned for sentimental reasons and were often worn as bracelets, brooches, pendants or rings with richly decorated frames, serving the same emotional need as lockets hiding portraits or locks of hair. This fad started in the late 1700s

These are quite rare & extremely sought-after. Lover's eyes (sometimes called Georgian eyes) are descendants of jewelry depicting individual eyes during Roman times. The 18th century model probably started in France, but the short-lived trend for lover's eye portrait miniatures that we seek out today started in 1785 when the Prince of Wales (later King George IV) commissioned portrait miniaturist Richard Cosway to paint his eye which he delivered to the woman he was trying to woo.