using paper plates for a venn diagram :-)

Revising vs. Editing - I like the idea of having a visual showing that revising and editing overlap.

Test Taking Foldable--LOVE this idea!

Writing process steps. A good way to measure class progress and to identify which students are ready for editing conferences, etc. AND they can see that writing a research paper (or a narrative, etc) is not a one-step process. Although, I might change "draw a picture" to say "illustrate" instead.

author's purpose foldable made out of 2 paper plates--very cool

I just registered for this....GREAT SITE! "quickie" fluency check idea plus a website to check out for curriculum-based measurements (has math too!)

Love draw themselves on little circles on the first day; copy them and cut them to paste around a new page. use it for a newsletter template or class thank you letter paper.

Alternatives to traditional homework.#elemchat #edchat

Teaching with Blonde Ambition: making inferences. This blog post has lots of good ideas for teaching inferences, AND it includes two FREEBIE handouts!

Character Trait Analysis for Guided Reading

Checkout this great post on Bulletin Board Ideas! Reading strategies instead

teaching to summarize

What a great idea for turning in papers! Students can't "peek" at papers turned in before theirs. I love it!

Main Idea Anchor Chart

For upper grades- These are AMAZING journal pages!!

What's in the teacher's purse? so cute for teaching inference

Topic: Friends/Get to know you Activity: Venn Diagram

TONS of classroom pictures categorized into every classroom theme you can think of!

Here's a great idea for a paper plate foldable on latitude and longitude.

Runde's Room: The End of the Book ... Sigh ... using interactive Venn diagrams to compare the book and the movie

Here's a nice journal idea for comparing decimals and understanding the use of zero.