using paper plates for a venn diagram :-)

Test Taking Foldable--LOVE this idea!

Writing process steps. A good way to measure class progress and to identify which students are ready for editing conferences, etc. AND they can see that writing a research paper (or a narrative, etc) is not a one-step process. Although, I might change "draw a picture" to say "illustrate" instead.

Compare and Contrast poster

author's purpose foldable made out of 2 paper plates--very cool

Compare and Contrast We did a little warm up activity by completing a paper plate venn diagram on two pictures. I gave the plate to one person, they wrote something on the diagram and then asked someone else if they had something to add.

Great anchor chart for Summarizing. This 4th grade teacher has a ton of good ideas!

teaching Compare and Contrast

Easy way for students to understand the concept of a venn diagram.

Revising vs. Editing Venn Diagram from Write On, Fourth Grade!

Paper Chair: Engineering Challenge Project ~ Great STEM Activity! $

Great parts of speech diagram

Character Map

Think Sheet - Classroom Management {FREEBiE}

Love draw themselves on little circles on the first day; copy them and cut them to paste around a new page. use it for a newsletter template or class thank you letter paper.

"I Am" Worksheet

Here's a nice journal idea for comparing decimals and understanding the use of zero.

teaching circumference and area with paper plates

Great for teaching rules at the beginning of year.

Tons of science experiments from National Geographic for Kids! And it's FREE!