Ephesus, Turkey

Ruins of Ephesus - Turkey

Cedar of Lebanon ~ The wood of this tree was used by Solomon in the construction of the temple he built in Jerusalem. Photo credit: CharlesFred

Floor tiles in Ephesus. Ephesus was one of the 12 cities of the Ionian League during the Classical Greek era. It later become a major Roman city. It is located on the coast of Ionia near present day Selcuk, Izmir Province, Turkey.

Pamukkale (‘cotton castle’ in Turkish) is a natural site in Denizli Province, Turkey, containing hot springs and travertines, terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water. People have bathed in its pools for thousands of years.

Ephesus, Turkey

Church of the Holy Sepulchre picture in Jerusalem, which houses the tomb of Jesus Christ

Efesos, Turquia, Temple of Hadrian at Ephesus, Turkey

Bali, Indonesia

The Hercules Gate, Ephesus, Turkey

The Temple of Apollo, Ancient Corinth, Greece

Celsius Library, Ephesus.

Ephesus Down Marble Street toward Library, Ephesus, Turkey

The Library of Celsus, Ephesus Turkey -This ancient city is an amazing place to explore for a day.

The Bosphorus Villages of Arnavutköy .. Turkey

Church of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus was crucified

Roman Latrine beside the Northern Gate, none of the seats remain in place. Pamukkale, Türkiye

Ephesus, Turkey

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The Stone Mirror, Antalya, Turkey