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Three ancient populations from Middle America have been studied: a 500–675 YBP sample of Post-Classic Aztec from Tlatelolco, Mexico, a 480–1400 YBP Maya sample from Xcaret, Mexico and a 750–1300 YBP Maya sample from Copán, Honduras. The two ancient Mexican populations exhibit a high frequency of haplogroup A, like many modern Middle American populations, but the ancient Maya population from Copán belongs primarily to haplogroup C.

Copán Maya skeletal samples were uniformly haplogroups C or D, whereas the modern Mayan populations of the region are characterised by high frequencies of haplogroups A and B.

The Pyramid of Madghacen. Madghacen or Medracen or Medghassen or Madghis also spelled Imadghassen, correct berber spelling imedghasen is a royal mausoleum-temple of the Berber Numidian Kings which stands near Batna city in Aurasius Mons in Numidia - Algeria