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Statue at the Mayan ruins in Copan, Honduras.

Maya Hieroglyphs are carved on the side of a tall stela at the site of Quirigua Guatemala

"Heron capturing fish"; Copán, Honduras; (America, northern continent)

Copán, Honduras; (America, northern continent)

The Maya ruins located at Copan in western Honduras are best known for their remarkable series of “portrait stelae” These stelea and highly sculptured decorations of these buildings are indeed some of the very finest surviving art of ancient MesoAmerica

The ancient Olmec civilization. Understood to be the culture the later Mayan and Aztec cultures were built upon. WHY do they deserve fame and respect? They were the first to harvest and use cocoa beans. otherwise known as chocolate.

A colossal head. (Found via Christopher Butler and listed suitable as "another mystery".)

Tlatelolco Aztec Market - The great daily market at Tlatelolco was controlled by a merchant class (pochteca) that specialized in long-distance luxury item trade. The Aztecs had a state-controlled mixed economy: tribute, markets, commodity use, and distribution were highly regulated.

pictures of ancient warriors | The original Black civilizations of Mexico and Mesoamerica

Copan River, Honduras. Swam there.