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I don't exactly know why I am pinning this... I just couldn't stop thinking about it...

Squirrel by Salih Kucukaga

squirrel by annasee ~ Pinning to honour the Squirrels of Holley, N.Y.. The FireDept. there is hosting a 'family event' murdering Squirrels Feb.16,2013

After the terrible Cherynobl accident, Russia was overtaken by mutant squirrels! Men...guard your nuts!!!

A lot of new trees come from squirrels forgetting where they put their nuts, So cute!

This would be a cute watercolor! too bad i don't know how to water color well :(

Squirrel picnic by schalle on Etsy. It was hard for me to decide which one to pin!! Love her imagination!

Chuck Groenink. I drew a thing a propos of nothing! That doesn’t happen very often anymore lately.