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On November 16, 1776, Fort Washington was attacked by the British. John Corbin, an artilleryman, was in charge of firing a small cannon at the top of a ridge. During an assault by the Hessians, John was killed, leaving his cannon unmanned. His wife Margaret, after witnessing his death, immediately took his place at the cannon. She fired away until her arm, chest, and jaw were hit by enemy fire. The British won the Battle, and Margret, was treated as a wounded soldier & paroled.

President George Washingtonfrom President George Washington

George Washington At Valley Forge

"If all else fails, I will retreat up the valley of Virginia, plant my flag on the Blue Ridge, rally around the Scotch-Irish of that region and make my last stand for liberty amongst a people who will never submit to British tyranny whilst there is a man left to draw a trigger." - George Washington at Valley Forge

When Corregidor and Bataan fell in 1942, there were 11 US Navy nurses and 66 Army nurses who were captured along with the American and Filipino forces, and imprisoned in and around the city of Manila. These 77 women became known as the Angels of Bataan (sometimes even referred to as the Battling Belles of Bataan) who, despite being prisoners of war, continued to serve as an active nursing unit until their liberation in February 1945.