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Newfoundland...looks like a bear. Best tempered dogs!♥-tiny lapdog, trapped in a big dog's body

Best friends are always there for you here to find out more

Awe he played dead with the bug

Roll the window down, put your nose in the wind and breathe.

Your mustache will never be as awesome as this dog’s mustache

Article: “Useful Information on History And Evolution Of Dogs” and Beautiful Dog Gallery | Take a Quick Break

Big dogs and little girls!!!! Cheryl, this would be an awesome picture when your granddaughter is here. :)

omg, gonna name my dog Professor and dress him up like this, I don't like making dogs wear clothes but I think a scarf is acceptable

I had a red hair mini-dachsund who passed away 10 years ago (he lived to be 15 years old). His name was Oscar and he was a sweet heart.

Our doctors and staff offer affectionate and conscientious care at the same quality we would want our own pets to receive. We are a full service veterinary hospital, treating dogs and cats, as well as exotics, such as ferrets, birds, snakes, reptiles, amphibians and fish.