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Wall Art Quotes For Home: Love

I can tell you from recent experience falling asleep next to someone you trust makes me feel safe even if he makes me sleep closest to the door. Knowing that if there was an intruder type of situation my guy without hesitation would jump up to defend us.

Awesome wrist tattoo


Dark bread, linen napkin

Live in Black & White | Love in Red! | Love Quote

8 1/2 x 11 / "you are my greatest adventure" print. $15.00, via #Famous Quotes|

~These pendants were created using vintage wooden rulers. Each one is hand cut, sanded and finished with a nice lacquer finish.~ This love

Love <3

I think I love you

Love is an attitude. Not just a feeling you have for something when it pleases you.

Being different is ONE of the most BEAUTIFUL things on earth - EMBRACE YOUR "YOU"NESS This is the quote I was talking about earlier today :)

All of marriage is a picture of Christ and the church – including physical affection. Same Team!!! :) :) :)

Color Negro y Blanco - Black & White!!! ❤ #blackandwhite #mindymcpherson

Awe that is so sweet and so true. I think GIRLS need to find this in a man. They cannot be trained after the age of prob 15!

valentine's day printable