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T-shirt Culture Index

T-Shirt Culture Index: You are what you wear. According to this infographic the type of t-shirt you choose is distinctive of certain stereotype personas you are likely related with.

taromatsumura:  Siri、なんで僕の言うことを理解してくれないの?というインフォグラフィック。Siriを月1回以上使うユーザーは87%だけど、満足しているのは半数ちょっと。でも音声認識で通信が必要だから、1回につき40〜100KB、1ヶ月で20MBほどSiriには必要。 その他のまとめ。 よく使われる機能は電話をかける、ネット検索、SMS送信 それぞれ約30%の人々は、スケジュール設定、音楽再生、メール送信にはSiriを使わない。 Siriの秘密のコマンドは「メールボックスやSMSの検索」「友達を探すアプリによる友人の位置情報の確認」「映画名+郵便番号で上映時間の検索」「Yahoo+チーム名で、試合結果の検索」 Siriの未来への期待は大きい。51%が未来の電話にとって重要と回答。 (via Siri, Why Don’t You Understand Me? [infographic])

Today’s Infographic - “Siri, Why Don’t You Understand Me?” visualize some of the common uses of Siri and find that one-third of Siri users don’t use it Siri for anything more than making phone calls, searching the Internet and sending text messages.

How iPads Get Broken [Infographic]

Why the iPad 2 is Far More Likely to Break than the Original iPad (and why you should buy AppleCare!

The Contiguous United States Visualized by distance to the nearest McDonald's

Funny pictures about Map of every McDonald's in the USA. Oh, and cool pics about Map of every McDonald's in the USA. Also, Map of every McDonald's in the USA photos.

E-Book Nation: The Evolution of Ebooks in Publishing

E-book Nation infographic shows of those who read e-books also read printed books.

Are memes a mystery?  What's their history?  Can you create a meme and make it go viral?  If you're confused about memes, check this infographic for some answers!   Memes are simply social media visuals that hit a cultural nerve, and go vira

Memes: How They Started, How They Go Viral [infographic]

What's in a Meme? This is a FABULOUS infographic. Ever wondered about the history of memes (yup,they really have a history) and what makes a meme a meme? It's all in here.

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Infographic: Credit Cards Go Social - Remember the days when you could score all sorts of free swag just by filling out a credit card application at one of those tables that banks used as mobile college student recruiting stations on campuses nationwide?

AppVillage Process

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