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PTC #17, circa 1908, Six Flags Over Georgia, (Atlanta). Leo Zoller, carver for this biggest carousel in the USA. The horses are so large the legs had to be shortened so people could climb on.

PTC Carousel Horse

PTC Carousel Horse | Flickr

Cinderella's Golden Carousel, PTC Outside Row Jumper, © Jean Bennett

Carowinds Carousel PTC Outside Row Jumper Head Detail

Miss Personality! Beautiful PTC horse with slight turn of the head!

PTC Carousel Horse in Santa Monica

Image: 1905 E. Joy Morris Lion

Image: 914 Stein & Goldstein

Kings Dominion Carousel PTC #44 Outside Row Stander Head Detail

Carousel Center Carousel PTC Outside Row Jumper © Ann Lioio

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1908 Parker Carousel Horse With Natural Tail. At The Cantle A Woman's Head Peers Out Of A Rolled Blanket. Lakeside Park Carousel | Flickr

Cafesjian's Carousel PTC Outside Row Jumper Head Close Up -An oddity of the Cafesjian Carousel is that all horses are what is known as "dapple gray" horses. Dapple gray horses are gray with whitish spots scattered over their bodies. Most carousels feature horses with a variety of coat color, particularly white. Many existing carousels have more fanciful color schemes because horses have been repainted over the decades to make them appealing to new generations of young riders.


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armored carousel horse

Carousel Horses

Awesome Carousel