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AFRICAN MASKS-FACES OF THE SPIRITS Nuna Buffalo Mask cti.itc.virginia....

This is a mask from the "Chokwe" tribe.

Splish Splash Splatter: 5th Grade african masks with video and examples for a handout.

What mask will you wear today? Decide to be WHO you are...not WHAT you are!

Mask. See too the following site for additional African mask images and information:

dogon culture, african mask, Los Angeles african art collections available at

Makonde people, Tanzania 9.5 inches, wood, stain, human hair Realistic facial features combined with real human hair on the head is typical of Lipiko masks, however this is a conventional face mask that must be strapped to the dancer’s head. It features a fine lip plug which almost looks like it could be removed. Though masks like this play a prominent role in Makonde life serving to mark the end of the initiation and circumcision cycle for boys as they move into manhood