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  • Melissa Susan

    Cute idea! Pre wedding pictures:) They waited until she walked down the aisle to see each other but wanted pictures before- hence the door and hands- amazing

  • McKinzee Weddle

    Pre wedding pic. What a cute idea.

  • Kathryn Ponder

    Pre wedding picture for the bride and groom who want to honor the not seeing the bride.

  • Christina Hager

    Wedding photo idea; pre wedding picture without seeing one another

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This is literally the cutest wedding picture I've ever seen.

If I ever was to decide to get a poofy wedding dress it would be this one @Style Space & Stuff Blog Alison

(LOVE) Groom's nightstand picture... Now that's so much better than a boudoir shot, its actually able to be displayed...

Picture together before the ceremony without seeing each other. So cute!

I know most people do a "first look" for pictures and time, but Micah and I both really wanted his first glimpse of me to be of me walking towards him down the aisle...(side note: SO WORTH IT) I really wish I'd thought to do this with him as a pre-wedding picture, though! Someone seriously needs to use this idea if they are like us and go the traditional route!!

And then he swiftly lifted me in the air & spun me ... while I was happily drowning in his eyes.

OMG I love this! I want a picture where he carries me off over his shoulder with his hand in the air!