Origami monster bookmarks... SO CUTE!

Paper corner bookmark

Adorable DIY Corner Bookmarks. Cute Monsters!

Make corner bookmarks for reading time. Makes students want to read.

Corner Bookmark Collection (idea) For more please visit: http://www.flyfreshforever.com

Animal bookmarks

kid picture bookmarks

DIY bookmark. Very cute and easy for the kids!

Remember these? Origami fortune teller (or chatterbox) from Minieco

DIY Ribbon Bookmarks (ribbon, hairbands, and buttons!) -- 29 creative crafts for kids that adults will actually enjoy doing, too!

Simple Origami Corner Bookmark: :o ok, wheres my origami paper?

Great idea! I'm gonna make loads of this for my books so I'll always end up in my favorite chapter!

beautiful gifts for little girls to make for their school friends to show they love them. Or hair clips or garlands for christmas decorations


Water Rocket: The combination of water, compressed air, and a plastic soda bottle serves as a great source of propulsion for a water rocket. Alternate way (without tape) to fix up those water bottle rockets.

38 amazing things you can do with an empty Altoid tin box. Some simple, some super crafty, some awesomely functional, some special keepsakes, and lots just for fun.

Mug with a hoop! http://rstyle.me/n/rpz8dnyg6

fun card