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L.A.'s Idea of Japanese Food vs. What Japanese Really Eat by Andrew Froug, laweekly #Venn_Food_Diagram #Japanese_Food #Andrew_Froug #laweekly

Japanese Food

Japanese Sweets

Japanese food

Japanese sweets

Japanese food

Japanese food

There's something about Japanese cuisine that makes me fall in love with it!

Japanese sweet jelly cakes

Japanese food: Temari-sushi

Japanese Udon

Japanese food: Salmon roe bowl

Japanese food / Inarizushi

Japanese spring rolls

L.A.'s Idea of Vegan Food vs. What Vegans Really Eat

Japanese food

Japanese cuisine for beginners. Japanese seaweed varieties.

にしんそば #japanese #food #fish

Japanese food -Chimaki-: sweet rice cake wrapped with the bamboo grass

Japanese sweets / 金平糖(Konpeito)

Japanese clear soup -osuimono-