My kind of funny! LOL

"Don't hate me just cuz I'm a little cooler."

An example of a joke on the English Language word sound-a-like phrases. Please know that these are a serious hurdle to the interpreter and D/deaf people since an message basis is on hearing the sounds of the words. The bane of my existence.

12x 16 Kappa Alpha Theta Skribble Sketch by CanvasesByJB on Etsy, $22.00

Love camo outfits But don't wear mossy oak and browning at the same time... Haha city girl mistake! Xoxox

LOVE this made me smile so big! My family would love this

MLP:FiM Novelty Driver's Licenses by DoctorXFizzle on deviantART

Vinyl Monogram Decal - 3 inch. $4.25, via Etsy.

cooler cute ♥

Vineyard Vines cooler

Tumblr | YouTube | Art Blog | Klausen Comic | Commission Prices I wanted to test out that detailed shading on ponies and wow, turned out better than I expected. It was a lot of ...

Pi Beta Phi arrow #piphi #pibetaphi

Scout The City | A Fashionable Lifestyle Blog

painted cooler jug for a friend

Somepony To Love by on @deviantART

Butt, the only thing worth turning down for. This is a Lil' Jon/Bob's Burgers mashup featuring the ever-popular Tina Belcher. Pick one of these up at my TeePublic shop! bobs burgers, tina belcher, tina, bob's burgers, fox, tv shows, fashion, music, electronic, festival, edm

hippie cute. make tie dye onesies instead of shower games!

Lil cooler

This is something I painted for my latest re-decorating project. I'm gonna do my Home-Office in retro-hippie-70's style.

Princess Cadence and Shining Armor Griffons by FarewellDecency