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Dog Muzzle


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  • Jenna

    Oppo Dog Muzzle Quack Duck bill designer pet protection Yellow(small SIze)

  • Penny Cabral

    Duck beak protective muzzle for dogs

  • Jennifer Greenlees

    Quack Quack Muzzle ... "Does your dog need a muzzle? Why not add embarrassment to his punishment? With this duck-billed muzzle your dog will be the adorable laughing-stock of the dog park. That'll teach rover not to bite the mailman!" (Quote thanks to Cheezburger Network e-mail)... :) Cute and functional! What's not to love?!? :) (My only question is, if you live in an area where dogs must be muzzled, do these fit those requirements? Anybody know?)

  • Cool People Shop

    $15.48 Duckbill Dog Muzzle | Cool People Shop Bright, fun and with a touch of the bizarre, these Duckbill Dog Muzzle will transform your canine friend into a semi-duck, designer "billed" dog. It might well often be compulsory for your pooch to wear a muzzle when out and about, but that doesn't mean it needs to be boring! #muzzle #duck #animal #dogmuzzle #duckbill #coolstuff #funnymuzzle #coolpetstuff #petstuff

  • Iosune Fernández Heras

    A DuckBilled Protective Muzzle For Dogs

  • Barbara Gibičar

    Wholesale Product Snapshot Product name is Fashion novelty duckbilled dog muzzle Stop mouth barking biting For puppy small dog chihuahua teddy Pet product Free Shipping

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A duck-billed protective muzzle for dogs. May as well look hysterical if you can't play nice in the park. Also stops them from eating unsanctioned foods off the floor.

I have made bow ties for the boys...never thought of making one for Lucky? I can totally see him in a red bow tie!!

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I used to have ducklings all the time... I wish I would have thought of this to do as a project!