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    Jordin Sparks speaks about migraines at the #DRExcedrin event.

    "Relaxing" as much as I can in the cold with no coat whilst a stranger rubs me. #DRExcedrin

    They gave me a coupon! Also there is a free app at www.MigraineResou.... #DRExcedrin

    Know Your Triggers, Know Your Treatment. #DRExcedrin

    I don't have a headache for riz! But if I did, Excedrin! #DRExcedrin

    This is the diary section of the app, which is one of the main features of the app. #DRExcedrin

    I just searched for the My Migraine Triggers app and found it in the Apple app store. #DRExcedrin

    This is what you will find inside the Excedrin app. #DRExcedrin

    As I was leaving the pharmacy area, this little book caught my eye. I think this would be perfect for my son Z.E.N. #DRExcedrin

    Close up of boxes of Excedrin Migraine. #DRExcedrin

    Here you can see packages of Excedrin on the shelf. #DRExcedrin

    They had signage all over the place, including on the floor! #DRExcedrin

    I walked over the pain reliever aisle to see if there was any Excedrin Migraine on the shelf. #DRExcedrin

    Excedrin Migraine was already back on the shelf at the nearby Duane Reade store. #DRExcedrin

    Yet another picture of Jordin Sparks. #DRExcedrin

    The lovely Jordin Sparks posing for the camera. #DRExcedrin

    Jordin Sparks addressed the media and talked about her experience as a migraine sufferer. #DRExcedrin

    They had a tent set up where the actual launch was going to take place. #DRExcedrin

    Coupon and information received on Excedrin and the My Migraine Triggers app. #DRExcedrin

    Here, fellow Duane Reade blogger Can Can is taking advantage of the free massage. #DRExcedrin

    As part of the launch, free mini massages were being offered right in front of Macy's. #DRExcedrin

    The Excedrin Migraine Education campaign launch took place on the corner of Herald Square and West 35th Street in NYC. #DRExcedrin

    The event took place right in front of Macy's! I was happy to see that they were already getting into the Christmas spirit. #DRExcedrin

    Learning About Migraine headaches. #DRExcedrin