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  • Melinda Raak

    funny stuff

  • Hannah

    funny prank (@Cacey Stout Stout Myrick maybe an idea for your married days) it's a mentos candy that falls in and makes the soda go everywhere (:

  • Sydney Lyn

    "April fools: Threaded Mentos" who says it has to be april fools day? I'm doin this tomorrow!:)

  • Michell Riggs

    Best prank idea ever. Totally going to do this to my son as pay back for doing the coke and mentos in my car!!!

  • Lizzie Lynne

    Hahahaha awesome prank (mentos + soda) ;)

  • Erica Beaumont

    Prank for a boring day :) (the little white thing is a Mentos)

  • Cait Howard

    Hehe mento prank. Evil Laugh

  • Ashley Riley

    April Fool's prank with mentos

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