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    Raise your hands if you....

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    Brave #puppy ! All about #cats #dogs #pets here! Check out @PetPremium

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    Yellow Lab Puppies Mini Wall Calendar: It is no wonder that Yellow Labrador Retrievers are such popular pets. Lab puppies make your heart feel a bit more than a twinge of puppy love — it never fails. http://www.calendars.com/Yellow-Labs/Yellow-Lab-Puppies-2013-Mini-Wall-Calendar/prod201300004673/?categoryId=cat10088=cat10088#

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    Dogs are such awesome animals. #animals #quotes

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    High five! :D 25 Adorable baby animal pictures (25 pics)

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Basset Hound

Basset Hound

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I want him

I want him

"could someone gimme a push?" AWE!

"could someone gimme a push?" AWE!

My pups!

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