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    haha jenna marbles. me everyday.

    Jenna Marbles

    Truth - I love Jenna Marbles

    Jenna marbles pick-Up lines "I wanna gobble your meat curtains like a saber toothed tiger" hahhahahhahahaha dying!

    Jenna Marbles, explaining sports bras to men who think that the olympics are ruining femininity. hahaha I LOVE Jenna Marbles

    hahahaha Jenna Marbles.

    This is my life.

    My whole lifee

    My life

    Haha story if my life

    I love jenna marbles

    my life.

    Jenna Marbles: How Girls Fall Asleep. One of the greatest videos ever!!! Can't get enough of her videos!!! Too funny.

    Boy Meets World

    men-vs-women-athletes. Amen. SERIOUSLY.


    true story

    well my life was just made with one single picture....hahahaha!

    whose line