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Pixar’s Rules Of Storytelling…


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TED Talks Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

Yet by mholtzen I started using the word “Yet” with my students a couple years ago. When a child says, “But I don’t get it,” or “I can’t do this,” which happens often in my land of perfectionists, I add the word, “Yet” to the end of their declaration.

I love Story Bird! Watch this short video tutorial to learn how you can use StoryBird in your classroom. #edtech20

This YouTube clip of Piaget’s stages of development paints a good picture on how children develop abstract thinking. It is very interesting concept to see that a child will know that two objects are exactly the same in one setting and when you change the setting right in front of them the two objects become different.


Runde's Room

What Can I Say To Myself? from Runde's Room

How Do We Prepare Students For Jobs That Don't Exist Yet? Great RSA Animate video - Changing Education Paradigms featuring Sir Ken Robinson.