You have purpose. (motivational, quote)

.This is so true. What a special,uplifting quote to read when you feel like you can't hang on any longer. Pass it on. You never know what others are really trying to cope with and these words may be what makes the difference in someone's life today. If you don t do it,who will? Thanks for the encouragement. Just what I needed to hear, just when I needed to hear it.

things unseen

So true!


Don't doubt, just do it!


Saying yes to Godly virtues!

So true!!

you are lovely

Words to live by...

Patience, patience, patience...I need to remember this...words of wisdom!!

Love it - so true.

Amen and Goodbye

Words to live by.

Carpe diem.

"The meaning of Life is to Find your Gift"..."The Purpose of Life is to Give it Away", William Shakespeare Quote.



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So true