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Why is this funny? I laughed at the little pile of ashes... Hahaha! :P

The Best Of, “That’s What She Said” – 35 Pics

All of these are so true...

I laughed a little too hard at this

I would let the Christmas lights scenario slide. It's cute and creative. Now the lunch thing...

This is really funny for me but he's kind of attractive and stuff and its really hard to make a decision how i feel about this picture and good lord I need help

I need to remember this next time hahah.

LMAO. I couldn't pass this and not appreciate the beauty of the bottom picture.

Someone call the ambulance because I'M NOT BREATHING!!! And I don't even know why because it's not even that funny...

Honestly?? Meth drugs make YOU look horrible!! Get well soon!! Just becus I havent fucked u up yet, doesnt mean I wont!!