This was the best cycle

My Bucket List - Before I Die I Want To... Work with orphans anywhere

Before I Die Bucket Lists | before i die, blog, brown, bucket list, bucketlist - inspiring picture ...

Bucket List.

bucket list

Done...numerous times :)

Before I die, I want to ...


Before I die, I want to...

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✔ Go paintballing- {bucket list} ✔ I have more than once. I must say that I will not survive a war and that it hurts like hell.

visit Mount Rushmore

Before I Die Bucket Lists | Bucket list. / before i die... | We Heart It well, make a bunch of clothes for my photo shoots

go to the olympics

Before I die, I want to...

Bucket list, before i die

Visit Pixar Studios / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die Check out the website to see more

Get rid of all the negativity in my life.-----------FINALLY DID! Took a long time but FINALLY got rid of all the negative people in my life and life is good!

bucket list: pack everything up and get away. [DONE! doing this as we speak, feels amazing! I'm sure I'll do it again in my lifetime....]