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    These are ALL FREE!

    Sub Binder THIS is MUCH easier! (THIS. IS. SO. SMART!)

    Collaborative posters. Each students gets one colored marker and they are not allowed to swap colors or with other students. Allows you to see at a glance who contributed what to the activity.

    Need to print this!

    Using the Socratic Seminar in a high school English class

    This a great closure activity/strategy to any lesson. Students can reflect on their learning....

    Common Core #Hashtags Reading & Vocabulary Bell Ringer Activities - students love using hashtags. Don't fight it; use it!

    Back to School Activity - students create the front page of a newspaper that's all about them! ($)

    "During Reading" Strategies Can be used for reading any literature selection/novel Included: • Predicting Outcomes Chart (Character Predictions) • ... $priced

    Lots of idioms

    Tall Tale Disney Movie Clips including: Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed, Pecos Bill

    This website offers 830 paper templates for download. It has anything from regular lined paper to yahtzee score sheet to music paper.

    Commonly Misused Vocabulary Pack (homophones and other usually misspelled words): A 69 page download for only five dollars!

    YouTube Videos for teachers

    Pin Now, Check out later: 3000 songs to use in lesson plans! I LOVE using music to teach!

    Sentence Sort with QR Codes! (technology themed!)

    This Illustrated Homophone Word Wall set includes:- 47 Word wall cards with pairs of homophones (some triplets too).- A homophone definition post...$

    Assessing Comprehension through Analyzing Elements in a Written Response Formatted Test. Versatile testing tool which can be used with various lit...$ priced

    Festive Valentine's Day Activity using adjectives and building vocabulary by learning new and vivid adjectives for descriptive writingPerfect fo...$

    Welcome your students to the new year with this FREE January vocabulary builder with a related graphic organizer for writing. Begin with RHY...

    Kids love to read jokes, it's a great way to practice those new skills they're learning. Plus if they understand the joke, you know their comprehen... $2

    Free! Help your students take responsibility for their learning each day by engaging them in the information recall process. Present your students with ...

    PowerPoint of Spanish food CULTURE! Jamon Iberico is FAMOUS world-wide and is a HUGE part of Spanish culture! Help your students learn about Jam...

    Free--from Teaching FSL French version of a procedural writing activity based on, and with the blessing of NicoleB based on her English template for this ac...

    These are most of the Christmas words that you will need for your Christmas bulletin board and word walls. Each word card has a graphic representat...$4