Steampunk couple.

steampunk - I have to admit that I kind of love the steampunk look

Kato - The Steampunk/Gothic thing has never been my thing but this women is so gorgeous... I might be sold. Bahaha!

I personally don't like heels very high, nor do I care much for platform things, but besides that, I love this boot.

Not too into steampunk but I would totally wear this! Minus the hat lol

Accessoire Jambe

This is kind of the vibe I would go for.

steampunk shoes

I love hats. I have many strange hats that are only wear-able at a costume party or crazy hat day. This hat however, may be crazy, but I would gladly wear this every day!

#SteamPUNK ☮k☮

Steampunk couture.


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Steampunk Fashion



♥ Steampunk